• Hi! This is a quick little test to see how well you know your Canadian coins! While we all know well-enough what the "tails" of the coins are (and they change with special issues, anyway), I wonder how many people know who is depicted on the "heads" side of each coin.


    So, this test is simple enough. One variable: Coinowledge. For each coin*, I will give you the names of four excellent Canadians (or non-Canadians who play/played a major role in Canadian life and history), and you just have to tell me whose effigy appears on the "heads" side of the coin.


    * Please note: This test deals only with coins in regular circulation as of 2008, and only with the regular design. That is, the normal (not special edition) design for each of: $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $1 and $2. So please don't email me asking about the 50-cent piece, or telling me that someone different was on the coin in 1923, or anything like that...

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