• Hi! I'll be using examples of my cats' behavior to determine which of them you are most like. Four of the results are my pets (Shadow, Midnight, Puddy Tat, and Bitsy), who exhibit varying combinations of playfulness, paranoia, affection, and dominance. The rest are whichever traits your top choices had in common. 


    Edit: Bitsy died of PKD in November 2009, and Clara (the dog pictured with Midnight) died of breast cancer in February 2010. Puddy Tat is 15 years old and not doing very well. I kept the quiz as written because 2007-2008 was an interesting time, before the kittens grew up and when Bitsy still brought her crazy dynamic to the mix. I have no interest in getting any more cats, and it wasn't my fault that we had four back then. I'm not a total nut.