• This test is not here to guilt or belittle you about your personal feelings regarding "The Furries." It's about your obervation of celebrities who make their choices known.
    These days it seems every celebrity uses their fame for some kind of cause. How much do you know about the people who use their celebrity status to protect the rights of animals?
    I am not writing this test to support nor criticize the use of fur, leather, or other animal by products, nor to support nor critisize a vegan nor vegetarian lifestyle. This test partains only to the people we read about and hear about who use their status to "Save the Furries" (and other animals). Whether we agree or disagree with them, they permeate every area of the spotlight.
    How much have you been paying attention?
    Answer these 17 questions and find out!
    Correct answers will be provided at the end of the test. Score takers will not be attacked for their lack of knowedge... so relax. I am kind to all living things... including those who take my tests. :)