• Picture this scenario. Nuclear war or global warming has ravaged Earth, and the planet lay in ruins. You have survived the initial destruction, but now you must leave. Where will you go? Will chilly Pluto be your new home? Care for a Venus sunburn?

    In June (2006) the brilliant Stephen Hawking suggested that with all the problems our Earth is having, we need to start looking into a new home. While he was talking more about other solar systems, in this test your new home will be limited to the remaining 8 planets orbiting our sun. In a few minutes you'll know which planet will be your new home and why.

    Update 10/28/06- I've fixed an html problem.

    (Cue patriotic music)

    Dearest Pluto... the International Astronomical Union might have pulled the plug on you, but rest assured here...on the Choose Your Next Planet test...you will always be a planet in my book. God bless you, and God bless this solar system.

    (End patriotic music)