• Can you survive one adventureous night out on the town?
    There are 24 different endings to this one of a kind test on OKCupid that integrates questions into a short story where you are the main character. Let me assure you that the chance of dying in this story (~13%) is much lower than in the books series, parodied above. You won't know the results of your actions until you've answered all the questions, which are from my other tests, past and present. Consider it the mother of all Renegade_Master tests. At the end, you will be given statistics on how you fared.
    Due to the limited number of endings (categories) allowed by OKCupid, my test cannot tell you exactly how each individual choice you make effects the story, but the test result statistics can give you a more specific picture than the many ending descriptions. Make sure to answer all the questions, otherwise it can unnecessarily hurt your stats.
    Also, if in the end of the story you get a negative amount of money, it really means that you tried spending more money than what you had on you.

    I hope you find this test at least somewhat interesting and rate it accordingly when you get your results.
    If you have any suggestions for the test, please send me a message through this site. Anyone providing story or ending revisions that I end up using will receive credit by linking to your profile or website.
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    While this test was partially inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure book series, NONE of this test's content was taken or adapted from any of the actual books, with the obvious parodied exception above.