• Hi! And welcome to my Choosing A Martial Art Test. This is here to give you some idea of what you might be interested in looking into. Ultimately you would want to take your results and look up some information on the different styles. Then when you are able go to the different Dojos and see what you think. I hope this helps! IF YOU ARE NOT TAKING AN ART FOR SELF DEFENCE...DO NOT ANSWER THE SELF DEFENCE QUESTIONS.
  • 1
    Are you interested in the backround of martial arts and how they effect ones mind and body?

  • 2
    Do you believe the best defence is a good offence? or that it is best to use an opponents force against him to create an oppening to strike?

  • 3
    Are you looking at Martial Arts as a way of self discovery or more for fitness?

  • 4
    Would you rather Go to the Gym, read a book, play some sports or design something you would like to make?

  • 5
    If an attacker was to throw a punch...would you rather stop it by a hard forearm block and then counter with a hard blow to a vulnerable point. Or would you rather guide the arm of you opponent past your body and throw him to the ground using his own momentum?

  • 6
    If you were one of these animals, what would you be? the Tiger, with fierce power and endurance or the Python who can dodge and entangle his enemy...then stike when he is vulnerable...

  • 7
    What would you be more prone to do? Throw your opponent to the ground and follow it up with a submission, reverse a hold and follow with a quick strike or quckly block and follow with an elbow to the nose and a backhand as you pull your arm back to the fighting stance...

  • 8
    In a fight A. anything goes B. I only use as much force as needed to extinguish the problem

  • 9
    Would you be willing to practice moves over and over at home so that you would have improved for the next time you go to the Dojo?

  • 10
    Do you feel most comfortable fighting with: your fists,knees,feet and elbows or throwing and submission moves?

  • 11
    Are you willing to learn an art that may take longer than others to learn?

  • 12
    Are you looking for a more combat related art like Jiu Jutsu or Ninjutsu/Taijutsu that mixes strikes with throws?

  • 13
    Are you looking for an art to find yourself and build inner peace?

  • 14
    Would you be more interested in joining a competitave art like Muay Thai/kick boxing, boxing, Karate or Judo and Brazilian Jiu jitsu which involes throws and submission moves?

  • 15
    Do you run or ride a bike for exercise?

  • 16
    Do you train at the Gym?

  • 17
    Are you more interested in using explosive power and strength or as little force as possible to subdue an attacker?

  • 18
    Do you play sports?