• Hi! And welcome to my Christian Bible Understanding Test.

    There are a few Bible tests out there, but from what I've seen they either test trivia or beliefs. I wanted to make a test that focused more on important facets of the Bible itself.

    For many questions I give a scripture reference in the question. This is not because I expect that people have memorized WHERE everything is in the Bible; rather it is so you can check your own answer if you wish.

    Obviously, the line between trivia and important knowledge is unclear, but I have tried to make all the questions either theologically important or basic enough that I would expect any well-read Christian to know them.

    One final word of warning: the quiz tests Knowledge and Understanding as separate quantities. Since "Understanding" questions are by nature harder than "Knowledge" questions, please don't take too harshly the "Understanding" score.

    NOTE: it is cheating to look anything up while taking the test. The references are for checking afterward. If you want the answer to any of these, message me.