• This test will determine if you ever ponder about what Christians believe or whether you just accept them all unquestioningly. This test will determine your degree of doubt in regard the core beliefs of Christianity.

    In this test, some of the questions will confront you with some interesting facts and then ask you for your opinion or your reaction to those facts. There are now 13 questions in this test.

    FYI: scoring is consistent throughout this test. The first answer gives you 0, the second gives you 1 and the third answer gives you 2. The higher your score, the less you believe in Christianity.

    At the end, you will be graded as True Believer, Everyday Christian, Agnostic or Atheist. This may not be entirely representative of your beliefs. If not, please contact me with your suggestions as to how to improve this test.

    I hope you enjoy taking this test as much as I have enjoyed creating it! :-)