• I often wonder if there are people out there who think a lot like me. For each question I have placed four answers I could consider as something I would agree with. Each answer has a varying amount of "cindy-ness" depending on which I would choose. Skipping a question means that you disagree with all of the answers. Understand that this will give you a zero in "cindy-ness".

    Try to think of the question and how you would answer it. Choose the answer closest to yours. I'll jumble the order of answers and rankings of "cindy-ness" so that this test will be an accurate measurement of all things Cindy.

    Enjoy!!!!! If you get a high score I think we should chat. I'd like to validate my thoughts with you. :P

    I hate long quizzes. This one is twenty questions. The last time I updated was December 28th. I'll probably add more sometime or another.