• This test aims at finding an archetype and a plausible power set for you, as they are found in the game City of Heroes by Cryptic Studios, published by NCSoft. The game itself is highly recommended, by the way.

    The archetypes are, in no particular order:

    The Tanker - Built to take punishment so others don't have to, the Tanker is all about survivability. Tanker heroes are tough, and are good at attracting enemy attention to themselves, so the heroes they work with feel less heat. Tankers aren't invincible, though - they can still be taken down, even if it is extremely difficult.

    The Scrapper - Frontline combatants and fierce warriors, Scrappers are at home in the thick of a melee. While not as durable as the Tanker, they are far, far more lethal in their attacks. However, they are easier overwhelmed by numbers, and so should be careful to not get swamped.

    The Blaster - The artillery pieces of the heroes, Blasters have highly deadly ranged attacks available, but pay for it by being less resilient than most other heroes. If cornered in a fight, they are in trouble, as their only real defense is to take down their foes before they get taken down themselves.

    The Defender - While Defenders can often handle themselves well alone, they realy shine in a hero team. Here, they become force multipliers, improving the abilities of their allies, diminishing the abilities of their foes, or both all at once. They are relatively weak in terms of both resilience and damage by themselves, though.

    The Controller - Arguably the most indirect archetype, Controllers are masters of holding the enemies under their sway. Whether they confuse them, put them to sleep, blind them or simply just locking them into place, Controllers excel at preventing enemies from doing what they want. They are quite weak in other respects, though, and so need to take great care to avoid biting off too much at a time.