• "Hark children of the Clans,

    To the wisdom of Kerensky and your forebears,

    Know what has come before;

    Remember it as you strive toward the future."

    -- The Remembrance (all versions), Passage 1, Verse 1, Lines 1-4


    Welcome freebirth, to the Clans of BattleTech Personality Test. This simple test will determine, with no scientific accuracy whatsoever, which of the eighteen Clans of Kerensky you're personality matches closest with. All Clans save the Not-Named and the Widowmakers are represented, based on the data for them gathered from sources ranging from Operation: Klondike to the late 3060s. I have chosen not to include the Widowmaker and Not-Named Clans for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which is there just is not any good info about them available.


    This test will measure three variables. Roughly put (and without getting really geeky describing my metric) they are the focus of self, external behavior, and interpretation of tradition. As such, the test questions will attempt to provoke as close to a natural reaction as it can, in order to peer deep into your soul. Enjoy!


    Also, do not fret, Inner Sphere freebirths! I am almost done working on a test to measure which of those fallen, false states you resemble. It will be ready within the next week.


    Version 3.55

    Revised: July 2, 2013


    This update tweaked the scoring on two questions to bring them more in line with other categories. Also, several answer options were reworded to make them easier to understand.