• Welcome to The Commitment Test!
    This test has been designed to analyze and assess either (A) How commited you are in your current relationship, or (B) How committed you will be when you find a partner.
    This test will evaluate you in four areas that play a serious role in being committed:
    (1) How honest you are.
    (2) How devoted you are.
    (3) How dedicated you are.
    (4) How loyal you are.
    For those of you thinking to yourselves "Wait...what the heck is the difference between those last three?" Well I'll clarify that for you, of course!
    For the purposes of this test; Devotion will refer to how selfless you are; Dedication will refer to how much effort you put forth; and Loyalty will refer to how supportive you are.
    If you want genuine results--then you need to be honest with yourself when answering these questions.
    Lastly--I hope you enjoy the test, and be sure to message me with any comments/criticisms or corrections that you might have. I'm always happy to improve it. If you DO provide a useful comment that gets incorporated into the quiz, then you'll be included on the KUDOS LIST below!
     Disclaimer: Images courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net