• I just took The Commonly Confused Words Test and, of course, I really enjoyed it. But as good as that test is, there are lots of common mistakes and misspellings it doesn't cover, including a couple of my pet peeves.

    So I wrote this sequel. It's a bit tougher, I think, than the original, but I tried to keep the questions conversational, interesting, and a little humorous. As you can tell by my title, I'm not above a stupid pun, but don't let that throw you!

    A few points of order: each question has only one correct answer choice, and, to my knowledge, British, Canadian, and American English-speakers should all reach the same conclusions. I also avoided "controversies," like comprise vs. compose and nauseated vs. nauseous, in which the current popular usage is overwhelmingly at odds with the traditionalists' opinion.

    Anyhow, I wrote this to complement the original Commonly Confused Words Test, so make sure to take it if you haven't already. Good luck!