• Every moment of everyday is a chance to either act with compassion or cruelty. Take this test and see how compassionate you are towards your fellow man. Just answer as naturally as possible.
  • 1
    During a normal day, how often do you take a moment to smile?

  • 2
    When driving in your car, there is an opportunity to make your turn in time, but you have to speed to complete it in time... do you...?

  • 3
    As you walk through a library, your cell phone goes off and it is your significant other on the line, do you...?

  • 4
    You are traveling on business and have stopped off at a coffee shop for a latte to wake you up, after ordering your drink you...?

  • 5
    You have an opportunity to go camping over a weekend or to go to an amusement park instead... do you...?

  • 6
    During a normal day, do you find time to connect socially with others?

  • 7
    A friend, co-worker, or some one who knows you is talking to you about something that you might be uncomfortable with, so you...?

  • 8
    My favorite color is...?

  • 9
    My spiritual inspiration is...?

  • 10
    A hitchhiker is stranded on the side of the road, and yes he does have his towel... do you..?