• This is the COMPLETE perversity test Version 2.0!

    So you think your perverse ehh? Well get ready to explore the true nature of your kink, your mojo, your moxy. If you have been sexually on the edge, this is where you will measure up and if you have done something that is not on this test, I WANT TO INLCUDE IT. IM it to me and I will put it in asap!

    Simple enough, the higher the score, the more perverse you really are. If you score a hundred, I can't guarantee that they won't come and haul you off to prison.

    I have made some tweaks, spelling corrections, added some images and quesitons since the last version. Thanks to everyone who sent in their advice.

    WARNING! This test is for adults and people who are not easily offended. We are going to assume that if your taking this test, you have probably been in at least a few sexual situations. In any event, have fun and please vote it high if you like it!

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