• Hi! And welcome to my Comprehensive Chicago (The Band) Test. I'm your quizmaster (name in logo above) Thbis test is designed to see just how much you know about one of America's most successful Rock bands and the band I cut my musical teeth on. I've been a Chicago fan since the age of 8 when I bought my very first album (yes those round black discs made of vinyl) and I've faithfully followed their musical oddessy ever since.
  • 1
    Chicago was formed back in the late 60's in the city of their namesake but they were called by another name back then. What was it ?

  • 2
    Once the name was changed, they called themselves "The Chicago Transit Authority" but changed it again after the first album. Why ?

  • 3
    Which one of the following is NOT an original member of Chicago ?

  • 4
    "Chicago II" started the bands long string of hits. "Make Me Smile" and "Colour My World" were two of it's hit singles. What was the 3rd ?

  • 5
    One of rock's biggest mysteries was the actual meaning of the song "25 or 6 to 4". According to writer Robert Lamm, it's actually a reference to...

  • 6
    James Pankow, who wrote "Colour My World", but turned down the chance to have it remade by one of the world's biggest recording artist. He did so because this artist wanted Pankow to add an additional verse but he respectfully declined. Who did Jimmy Pankow turn down ?