• Of course there are a number of Evil Overlord tests already on OKCupid. And some of them do attempt to determine the likelihood of your being an Evil Overlord. This test, on the other hand, is more devious.

    Intriguing idea, isn't it? Already I can sense your curiousity - but I am not one to reveal my plans all at once.

    This test will endeavour to reveal your potential success as an Evil Genius, taking as a given that you intend to dominate the globe - or at least hold it for ransom. My staff of technicians, mad scientists and lackeys is carefully monitoring your input along four factors... but there's not much room at the top, you know.

    [Attention: This test is in beta, and I'm getting a little stuck for questions and result-category names. If you have any suggestions for the next version - please, PM me with them! It's not an easy task, writing questions to determine potential success as an Evil Overlord while simultaneously plotting to take over the world... especially not when you work at a school part-time as a cover for your devious plotting.]