• Welcome to my Confrontation Style Test. I'll be using tested standards for conflict resolution to determine your potential to build a stable marriage. I have based this on basic marriage tips from The Gottman Institute, a counseling service that has an excellent success rate at predicting whether two people are suited to each other and likely to have a lasting marriage.

    The questions that follow will mostly be about how you are likely to deal with a lover in a serious relationship. You will probably get slightly more out of this test if you are already in a stable relationship and are able to report accurately how you deal with arguments that come up. If you are not in a relationship please consider the questions in terms of how you are likely to act given your arguing style in previous relationships. If you are not in a love relationship then you will have to judge how you deal with conflict between others such as close friends and family members.

    This test will not be able to predict with any accuracy whether your relationship will be stable in the long term, all I can do is tell you whether your ways of dealing with your lover are beneficial to building a long term relationship. I'll give you a link to the page where I got my info at the end of the test, if you are at all clever, you can probably write a better one.