• So yea everyone knows that the here for: Activity partners thing is just a less slutty way of saying sexual encounters. So take my test!
  • 1
    Its Halloween...which of the following would you go as...?

  • 2
    True or False: Colbert > John Stewart

  • 3
    Do you like animals, particularly cats

  • 4
    Do females who talk about perverted stuff (like tossing salads, queefing, and different pubic hair colors) disturb you?

  • 5
    Do you like to joke about women not being allowed to have certain right? For example: Why should women not have drivers licenses? 'cause there ain't no road between the kitchen or the bedroom

  • 6
    Do you mind if a girl likes to cut up in public? (For example: Jumping around in public, playing with items that shouldn't be touched, feeling herself or you up etc etc)

  • 7
    Are you physically attractive?

  • 8
    Do you find me physically attrative?

  • 9
    Is your penis atleast 6 inches

  • 10
    Which is your favorite date idea?