• Hi! Welcome to my Could You Be My Future Wife Test, which is split into four long parts and tests for four variables: sexuality, personality, values, and goals.

    I was not initially impressed with OK Cupid's matching system, and so, inspired partially by Dr. Neil Clark Warren's "dimensions of compatability", as well as a few other sources, I decided to construct a test of my own. This current version is the third version

    There are four reasons a man is attracted to a woman:
    It is sometimes hard to make a distinction between the aspects of attraction because the aspects flow into each other.

    For example, an aesthetically beautiful woman does not necessarily gaurantee satisfactory sexual relations, and many downright ugly women still gets lots of sex because they have acquired competancy by experience and/or they have a great deal of self-confidence.

    Some of these questions assume sexual experience. If you don't have any, don't feel bad- I don't have any either! You can either skip them or try to answer imagining what you might want to try. My object in asking some of the questions is to ascertain whether you are uninhibited and willing to be experimental.

    Sex is not the only thing, but it is very important to most good marriages. Many people learn many things from many lovers, but in some cases, I think this diminishes their capacity for intimacy. I want to explore all the erotic possibilities with ONE person- this is the point of reserving sex til marriage- the TWO shall become ONE, and that includes sexual knowledge as well.

    Everyone seemed to score real well on version one of this section, which I found surprising. So in the second version, I added a few raunchier questions about preference in sexual practice, as well as a few questions to determine whether YOU might find me sexually attractive. I've cut this back a bit in the third version.

    Anyway, enough commentary...