• The name is quite self-explanatory. If you don't like long boring explanations, just push 'next' :) . Commencing long boring explanation:

    You found your way here, so you could already be considered +80% Other Half -candidate and these questions just add some fine tuning (and if not, take the test anyway and find out).

    This test could/should be written in Finnish, as ~100% of non-finnish speakers are taking the test for the wrong (well, at least for me...) reason. But because it is somehow easier to express these kinds of things in written english, and to please the foreign test-addicts too, it is as it is. (It is easier to be carefree, superficial and talk **** in english: some of this stuff could be just wrong, too blunt and intrusive (at least for me) in finnish.)

    If you stumble on on impossible question, mark the best choice. Don't let the answers lead you astray, they might be purposely misleading time to time. Mostly there are no right or wrong answers, sometimes not even good or bad ones... The questions start quite blunt and end in incomprehensible ramblings. Bear with me ^^;

    The categories are quite harsh and words like 'perfect' (90-100%) should be taken literally. In fact, only one person of 266 (at the time I write this) has reached the top category (>90%) and the next best score has been 80%. Keep this in mind.