• I've known far too many women who say that all they are looking for is a "Nice Guy". I typically ask them to define for me what they think a nice guy actually is. The answers are usually anti-characteristics of their previous asshole boyfriends. Then, I ask them why they think the guy they just described would want to date them.

    With this test, I will hopefully determine if you are actually the type of girl that would best suit a "Nice Guy"... or if you should just stick to the assholes and the losers that you are used to.

    ***UPDATED October 2005*** I've added several questions and a few new catagories because almost everyone who took this test before fell into the same group. Hopefully, this will be a bit more acurate. If you've taken it before, please retake it. I would also really like to know what you think, comments and suggestions are always welcome.