The Could you date a QWeird Two-Spirit TransBoychik? Test

  • Hello and welcome to my test! Could you date me? Well, that's what this test aims to find out.

    I'll be using advanced divination and ESPn to determine your true nature.

    This is my first OKCupid quiz, so if it sucks- I apologize. Only take this quiz if you are curious
    about possibly dating (or even having sex) with me.

  • 1
    Someone packing is...

  • 2
    Your ideal date? (Assume you have been dating the person for a while.)

  • 3
    Your significant other has conservative beliefs but liberal actions, at times even anarchic.
    They outspokenly support some liberal agenda ideas, but argue the conservative side's
    p.o.v. at some times. Could you deal with that?

  • 4
    Your significant other flirts a lot with all of their friends. That's just the way their
    friendships are. Kissing and hugging is encouraged in these friendships. How do you feel
    about this?

  • 5
    Your significant other has some "autistic tendencies" suchas fixating on subjects, rocking
    back and forth, hypersensitivity, having trouble and anxiety in social situations, and some
    obsessive compulsive traits. Would you be able to date (or have sex with) someone like