• This test is geared towards men. I will eventually make a similar test for women.

    You know (and you might), it takes a special type of person to date a transsexual. Some people are totally against it, some people are curious, some people are all for it. There are even a select few who prefer transsexual women over genetic women. While there are a variety of reasons for that (no menstrual cycle, won't get pregnant), there are a variety of reasons why some people (mainly men) will not ever date a transsexual. This test is designed to see just how open you are to the prospect of dating a transsexual. You may never act on that, but the curiosity is there. Some people go their entire life wondering, or always wanting to at least try but for any number of reasons do not follow through. You may already have a decision in your head, or are curious yourself.

    That's why this test was made. Onward!