• Let's be honest: men have it rough. In the game of dating, men seem to have a lot of responsibility - they're asked to initiate the contact, ask for the number, set up the first date, move in for the first kiss, etc.

    I operate a little differently. Don't get your hopes up -- the take-charge attitude is still a must. But at least I recognize it. In fact, I feel a little bad for guys. Women are nuts. We smell good, we're great to wake up to in the morning, we're soft and cuddly - but we're nuts. We say we look fat and expect you to contradict us (then don't believe you when you do), we expect you to know what we're thinking about and we want you to always *want* to do what we want you to do. NUTS.

    Every woman's craziness looks a bit different. This test is meant to help you figure out if you could cope with mine... and still, of course, keep coming back for more. :)

    Good luck, and be careful... you never know when the crazy's going to hit the fan.