• WARNING: This test contains foul language & other words or ideas that that may be offensive.

    This is the This Is This Test Test. That's because that's not the name of this test.

    Try to follow along, it's not that difficult. This test test measures a super secret registered
    trade patented innovative calculated quality. By comparing your results to others results you
    may be able to tell how your sense of humor matches your potential matches, with respect
    to the particular sense of humor contained in this test.

    Here's how it works, you choose the answers.
    This is the hard part because you have to Imagine, some would say pretend, that the choice
    you make makes a difference. Just like voting.
    In addition, We at Poopsoon Laboratories humbly request that if you find yourself laughing
    out loud at the computer screen while reading any question &/or the
    applicable answers associated with that question that you don't answer that question.

    REMEMBER: if you laugh out loud, or snort your drink out your nose, skip the question.

    When you've finished all that, we will undertake to compute something.

    Well then, let's get started, shall we?

  • Assmunch.