• What alignment does your character have in the city of Asai'lum?

    Asai'lum is a city on the edge of disaster, with cataclysm in its past and chaos looming in its future, where the gods have good and evil aspects that seem almost arbitrary. While Law and Chaos are unchanged, Good and Evil depend on the gods. Each god has a Good aspect and an Evil aspect, and which side your character is most closely aligned with determines how aligned spells affect him. Since Good and Evil are defined differently, it's entirely possible to be a generous, altruistic, even heroic person and have an Evil alignment.... or to have a Good alignment and be an unrepentant murderer of the innocent.

    Answer these questions as your character would. If your character has never been in the situation described, pretend they have been, and answer accordingly.

    The test has recently been modified to also provide a classic D&D 3.5 alignment for your character.