• This isn't so much a test as a tool.

    Inspired by Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies, it's intended to help you overcome a state of creative stalemate.

    You could be a writer facing a blank page, an artist trying to finish a difficult work or a musician looking for a melody. Heck, the way this is structured it could even work for students stuck on essays or help you finish the report your boss asked you to deliver next monday.

    The tool starts working from the first page. There are 16 questions, designed to get you thinking about the project you're working on and your approach to it. At the end, you'll be given an abstract piece of advice - but by then you might not need it. The act of taking the test should be enough to reboot your creativity and get you going again.

    I envisage that this test will change over time as I analyse the results it produces and I wholeheartedly welcome feedback on the questions and your outcome.

    Very Important: Before you begin you must have a specific creative project you've been working on in mind, as the test will ask you questions about it. That's how this works!

    The Creative Block Test version 0.3 - Created 2008