• Hi! And welcome to The Creatively Named Twickenhammer Test.
  • 1
    Let's start with education. I'm somewhat smart, and at the very least, I need someone who can keep up and won't make me explain everything to her. What's your level of education?

  • 2
    If all squibbles are flangels, and all flangels are inkbops:

  • 3
    I like people who are aware of the world around them, rather than shut up in their own little isolated bubble. How many members of the United Nations can you name?

  • 4
    I think empirical testing is very important. What happens if you drop a penny off the Empire State Building?

  • 5
    And of course, this section of the test wouldn't be complete without a brain teaser. There are three doors. Behind one is a million dollars, and behind the other two is nothing (and I know which is which). You pick door number 1. Before opening it though, I open door number 2, revealing that there is nothing behind it. Now, I give you the chance to change from door number 1 to door number 3. Do you switch?