• Hi! And welcome to my Cube Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. This is a fun, easy thing that is surprisingly revealing. :)
  • 1
    Imagine a large white room. In that large room, imagine a cube. Is the cube clear or does it have colors?

  • 2
    Is the cube floating or is it on the ground?

  • 3
    Is the cube small,medium,or large?

  • 4
    Then imagine flowers. Where are they inside the white room?

  • 5
    Are there a lot of flowers or a little?

  • 6
    Imagine a ladder inside the white room. Where is the ladder inside the white room?

  • 7
    Is the ladder small,medium,or large?

  • 8
    Imagine a horse inside the white room Where is the horse located at?

  • 9
    Name three characteristics about the hourse(ex.fun,crazy,mean)

  • 10
    Lastly...imagine a thunderstorm inside the white room. Where it is?

  • 11
    How big is it?