• During their annual festival of clan pride, Huli wigmen paint their faces and dress in costumes to mimic birds of paradise.
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    Hello, this test introduces the idea of family heritage and cultural identity, and seeks to explore the nature of these ideas in today's society from a somewhat different angle. In the midst of a whirlwind of multi-culturalism and diversity, how important are our roots?


    Across television and newspapers, on the internet and in blogs there has arisen a tendency to shun traditionalist values, disregarding the nuclear family and tightly woven cultural communities of the past. Instead, it is popularly encouraged to embrace other cultures, to diversify, and such a message often minimalises traditional Western beliefs and heritage as being outmoded.


    With this in mind, what matters in your life about where your family came from, what your history is, and what traditions your ancestors celebrated? Does the question of race concern you? Can you celebrate your distinct heritage and not be a racist?


    These are questions this test will attempt to discover, and will hopefully reveal a deeper understanding of your beliefs concerning your distinct culture and your family's history. This test strives to be thorough in its collection and analysation of data provided, so please understand the length is necessary to ensure an accurate final determination.


    This test will score you on several factors:

    • Knowledge: your knowledge of history and various cultures
    • Diversity: your understanding and acceptance of numerous cultures
    • Traditionalism: how likely you are to adhere to the customs and beliefs of, what is considered today, the past.
    • Untraditionalism: how thoroughly you reject these ideas
    • Contemporary: how much your beliefs harmonise with those of modern, mainstream Western society.


    Warning:  NOT answering questions WILL affect your score!