• Which cybergirl are YOU?? Are you the rockin razorgirl? The virtual virtuoso? The aging avatar? The reasonable replicant (or the asinine android)? The acronymic angel? Or the tired troublemaker? Take this test to find out!
  • 1
    You're going out on a Friday night, what are you wearing?

  • 2
    I'm going online. My avatar is:

  • 3
    About my name...

  • 4
    What/whom are you following?

  • 5
    In my spare time, I...

  • 6
    My author is...

  • 7
    I am...

  • 8
    I see the world through _________-colored glasses.

  • 9
    My ideal mate is...

  • 10
    If I had a choice of artists, I'd choose...