• Well hello there! This test is designed by a gamer geek, and for gamer geeks. So if you've never played Dungeons and Dragons you will have no idea what the hell I'm talking about.

    To those of you who DO know what the hell I'm talking about...
    This test will use questions about your everyday life and personality, and will tell you what your alignment would be.

    I know that life in the modern world is very different from that of a fictional fantasy character, so this system will not be perfectly accurate. There is much more subjectivity to today's morals than there is in D&D. So I'll keep it simple and refrain from asking any political or religious questions!
    However, I WILL be asking questions about your actual life. There are not that many hypothetical questions in this test. So it will be your own actions in the past that will determine your alignment.
    Most people will be surprised by their results. I predict a lot of results will be Neutral. Most people believe that they are good, but live their lives without doing much to better the world around them.

    Well anyway... that's enough monologuing. On to the questions!