• This test will suggest which Covenant you belong to on your pilgrimage to the land of the ancient lords.  It will determine three possible characteristics within two broad factors, the social and the moral.  Belonging to a Covenant suggests you have two particular alignment qualities as well as one or more particular motivations.  It also describes how others in Lordran may view you negatively.


    This allows nine possible results to belong in a Covenant, and another result for those who may be better off not taking oaths.  Be mindful that your results are generalized and cannot describe everyone entirely.  It is certainly possible to be motivated by things outside the norm of the Covenant and still feel some belonging to it.


    Your beliefs shape your view of the world leading to how you experience it emotionally, then to your actions, and ultimately to your results.  Seek out the truth, which hides in plain sight, no matter how dark it may seem.