• This is my date vs dodge Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. This test is to see if I would date you or if I would run for the door. We have all gone on that one date that we TRULY regret. This was created to be give to the ladies, but you could easily convert it to ask your guys. And yes some of these situations have happened. Scary right? I hope you find this fun and if not I'll get a kick out of it anyway. *DISCLAIMER* This is a work in progress and don't freak out and send me tons of e-mails asking how its possible your score was so low. Hell I wrote the damn thing and I only got an 80% so quit your whinning. The way I wrote it was to give myself a laugh. If you find it funny too well I'll concider that a bonus.
  • 1
    The first one is an easy one. Do you have any known food allergies that you think I might want to know about before I make reservations at that expensive restaurant you said you wanted to go to?

  • 2
    Now I'll give you the chance to redeem yourself. Your face begins to swell. Do you...

  • 3
    Forget the restaurant. I'm a good cook if asked nicely I might just cook for you. So honestly how are you in a kitchen?

  • 4
    True or False. When cooking on the grill one should frantically run to your partners side and ask the following.... ARE THE STEAKS SUPPOSED TO BE ON FIRE?

  • 5
    We survived the first date without any major complications. You suggest we try a second date. Will you be offended if it takes me three weeks to schedule date #2?

  • 6
    We've been together a for a few months now. You go out for a girls night out. You were so drunk you don't remember getting a hickey. I call you out on it. Do you...

  • 7
    You have decided the relationship is over and you are moving on. Do you...

  • 8
    I introduce you to one of my friends, he says you look familiar to him. While I'm out of the room he asks if you're aware your ex took photos of you asleep and posted them on the internet without your knowledge. Do you...

  • 9
    You and I are to be going on an elegant date and at the last minute my ex drops the kids on the doorstep. Do you...

  • 10
    Wow! You made it to the last question. We go out for some live music and I have connections. I make a comment that I know the guy guarding the backstage door. I take you over and introduce you to him and while we are standing there one of the production guys comes and tells my aquaintence that he is in charge of who gets backstage. Faced with an opportunity like this do you want me to jeopardize my friends job so you can get an autograph.

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