• The online dating world is one that seems to be anything but straight forward. Especially on OKCupid where we answer questions and quizzes constantly confusing our honest opinions with our honest ideals. I don't blame you. Many of the questions and quizzes on OKCupid go from being ambiguous, to over simplified, to extreme. Where is the Sanity? Well, here's some of it, my very own 3 variable quiz, made by someone who understands psychological statistics, the importance of item validity, and has been around the block in the dating world to boot. The test is designed with two goals: 1) to help you understand what kind of dating personality you have, showing you what kinds of things are most important to you in a relationship. 2) To help you get to 'ground zero'. If you tend to be too arrogant, or too selfless, recognition of that alone can help, along with advice given, to make you a little more dating sane. So let's get to it.

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