• After taking the handful of other similar surveys here and being dissatisfied with them I decided to create my own. A few questions are similar to others found at those tests. Awhile ago I noticed that OkCupid had scrambled some stuff on the last page of the test, and when I attempted to fix it, somekind of glitch created other problems, and I ended up losing some stuff.  This test was originally 50 to 52 questions.  As it stands, there are now 47 questions. I don't remember now what the ones that I lost were.


    Anyway, skipping questions will score you lower and therefore less hygienic. Not all questions follow the same scale of high to low or vice-versa. For instance, if you don't have a traditional dining area in the "eating" question, it will score you neither particularly clean nor unclean. A couple questions have options that give people more to choose from, but two of which nevertheless give the same average point rating. The theory behind this test is that upkeep requires more effort. The least hygienic category is the largest, but very few people score in it. Most people fall into "Nice and Clean", but "Adequately Hygienic" is also within the "average" range. Hopefully, if nothing else this should be more comprehensive than the others and therefore more accurate. That's why I boldly call this "The Definitive Hygiene Test". I hope you enjoy taking it.