• Hi! And welcome to my Definitive Size Queen Test Test. This test will help determine that age old question of whether or not penis size matters and in the end you will have a size queen score. This test mostly only works with sexually active women who have had multiple partners of different sizes. This test was created by two sexually active women.
  • 1
    What penis size do you generally consider to be small

  • 2
    How do you react when you find out a partner is well hung for 1st time

  • 3
    the perfect thickness would most closely resemble

  • 4
    You have thought about a large penis during masturbation

  • 5
    When a penis touches your cervix

  • 6
    Based on your experience of men who are on the low side of average(4 ½ inches x 5 inches)

  • 7
    During intercourse with someone you perceive to have a large penis size

  • 8
    how would you rate the magnitude of your orgasms with a well hung partner

  • 9
    Have you or would you ever break up with a guy based on his penis size

  • 10
    When engaging in intercourse