•  Yeah yeah. We all know how difficult life can be. One moment you feel like no one could ever drag you, the king of the world, down. You feel invincible, you feel euphoric, you are just standing up there while the people are adoring your lovely, quirky smile. Nothing is standing in your way, you are just living life at it's fullest. But that's just the one side of the randomly-flipped-and-tossed-coin we call fate, the one we want to dominate our life.


    The flipside, on the other hand, is just like a picture of Dolly Parton: Nobody really wants to see that. Suddenly you wake up from the bittersweet dream, realizing that this isn't all what it's meant to be, realizing that you aren't really even sure what is meant to be. Is this destiny? Is this your fault? Can you blame anyone else for what's happening to you?  This weak feeling that you despise. YOU are slowly becoming the person you despise. You feel lonely, you feel vulnerable, you just feel weak, your passion and your will, they just died from one moment to the other. You don't really know if you'll ever get out of that slum.Well, more or less ALL of us experienced such a situation, some of us maybe still are in the middle of it. But sadly, some are more prone to it, while others just live to avoid it, epicly succeding at doing so:





    Take this test to see what how easily you get depressed and how you vulnerable your heart is.



    Thank's in advance for taking the test...my name is Anna, by the way. Don't really know why I just wrote that but I figure I could just keep on namedropping here, I doubt that anyone will read this anyways.

    I also have to add that I am extremly turned on by putting randomly selected words in Bold. If you are still are reading this, damn, just click on that "Next"-button for Pete's sake. Shoutouts to That Guy With The Glasses....Still here, huh?



    I here by agree that this test is in no way scientific and results may vary. I also sell my soul by clicking on the "Next"-button.