• Namaste! Salaam! Come and have a seat.
  • Now doesn't that look comfy?

    Welcome to my Desi Marriage Market Value test. Here, I assess how well you'd do on the marriage market within the context of Subcontinental (Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, etc.) culture.

    There are, of course, many things that come into play when when selects one's mate, but the rules are different here than in the dating game. Here, it's more of a market, where things are assessed based on value in a rather analytical manner that could seem cold to the outside eye. Love? Pish.
  • No love-shove at the beginning. Love grows, betah.

    So, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Oh, and in case you're curious, here are some of the main criteria for judging.

    Purity: In most Desi contexts, this technically means that you've hedged all your romantic bets on the market and not been involved with anyone. In reality, it's more about how well you hide it rather than how much you've done.
    Respectability: Education and economic stability/potential are key here, as well as family background.
    Meekness: This measures how deferential you are to the elders, how well-mannered you are, and how you present yourself at Desi get-togethers.
    Desiness: Can you handle spicy food? Do you look good in traditional garb? Can you play sitar or sing old-fashioned gazals? It'll earn you points here.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless the questions specifies that you should skip for a particular reason, DO NOT SKIP ANY QUESTIONS. I have assigned steep penalties for unauthorized skipping. Just answer to the best of your ability. It's multiple choice, how hard could it possibly be?