• Welcome to my Dexter Test. America's favorite serial killer is back, and this test will examine your knowledge of the genuis behind the madman.
  • 1
    Lets start off easy. What is Dexter's last name?

  • 2
    Where does Dexter work?

  • 3
    Who is Debra?

  • 4
    Who is Masuka?

  • 5
    Now the harder stuff. Which one of Tucci's body parts were found first?

  • 6
    Who is Dexter's Boss?

  • 7
    How does Dexter's biological mom die?

  • 8
    Debra's boyfriend Rudy, the prosthetics technician, is hiding a terrible secret. What is it?

  • 9
    Who kills the "Ice Truck Killer"?

  • 10
    Rita's ex-husband Paul is killed in prison. Why was he in prison that time?