• Most of us have read J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Most of us have also done the other LOTR tests around here. But do most of you ask yourselves this question:

    Have I REALLY read the book?

    No, that wasn't this test's first question, by the way. So... Have you, really? Now, now. Don't tell me anything, I don't really want to know that way. Just pass this test instead. Do it. It's fun and I, the author, can vouch for it. You have my word.

    Actually, this test will measure how well you read the whole of The Lord of the Rings, appendixes included. Forget about the silly details like who is who in the Fellowship and where is what. That's easy, and everybody knows that stuff. You also do not need to have read it once every month for the last twenty years or so. In fact, a true taste for details, a good memory and good thinking is enough to score high with only one reading experience (although I do feel sad if you did it only once - come on, it deserves more, and you know it). You don't even need to have read other works by the same author (although, as a matter of fact, you really should anyway).

    The test has 16 questions. The first 10 will test both your memory and appetite for details. The last 6 will also test your memory, but with a killer twist (evil laughter not included): for the most part, they will also challenge your ability to read between the lines and verify the depth of your understanding of what really happens. In other words (i.e. that I have never used before), have you REALLY read the book?

    WARNING: Do NOT pass this test (think about Gandalf saying "You cannot pass...") if you have only seen the MOVIES. For the most part, you will be unable to provide an answer and in one case you will answer wrong. It's that bad. So remember: this test is about the BOOK.

    Now get ready...