• Most of us feel lonely from time to time. That's normal... or at least we often try to pretend it is. As a result, we tend not to discuss our true feelings about other people in general and the reasons why our relations with them don't always work as we'd like to. Still, deep inside each of us is curious -- am I alone in being lonely? And if not, what do I have in common with others, and what sets me out from the crowd?


    This test, adapted for OkCupid users from the well-known Differential Loneliness Scale (Schmidt & Sermat, 1983), will estimate the overall degree of your loneliness as well as the quality and quantity of your interactions with other people in specific kinds of relationships.


    In the test, you will be given 28 statements. If the statement more or less describes you or your situation, mark it TRUE. Otherwise, mark it FALSE. If an item is not applicable to you, still mark it FALSE.


    Please try to make your choices quickly -- the whole test should take less than 10 minutes.

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