• Hi! And welcome to my dirty mind Test. I want to know what you really think whether it be clean or dirty. Remember this, I am a curious person and there are really no wrong answers. Can you match my thoughts or will you flop? I am a guy, but not all guys think alike.
  • 1
    If you were asked to lick something round and hard, what do you think you are going to lick?

  • 2
    What do you think when a man asks you to come and stay the night, we can have wild sex?

  • 3
    If a cute guys wants to meet you in an exclusive area and you don't know each other that well, what do you think is going to happen?

  • 4
    When you just met a guy and he is attractive to you, he flirts and you know he would have sex with you, what would you do?

  • 5
    A guy that you have liked for a little while drops something on the ground, what would you do?

  • 6
    A hot guy asks you to help him with his pent up frustrations, what do you think he is asking for?

  • 7
    You are asked to send a picture of yourself to a hot guy so he can see how hot you are, what do you send him?

  • 8
    You are asked to sit on a cute guys lap, how would you sit on his lap?

  • 9
    A guy tells you that you are cute, what does he mean?

  • 10
    If you are asked to go to the bar with a cute guy, what is his intentions?

  • 11
    You are gong to meet this guy at a motel and you have been talking with him online for a while, what do you wear?

  • 12
    If a guy asks you what you think of him, what is he really asking?

  • 13
    When a guy stays on the phone for a few hours with you, what do you think?

  • 14
    If you want to get a guys attention what do you do?

  • 15
    You are at a club and a guy asks you to have sex with him and you want to have sex him, what do you do?