• Even if it has been said that love is an illusion, a fiction of our imagination, wishful thinking....We still tend to long for that magical and mystical feeling that seems to always elude our grasp like a wisp of wind.... So for the sake of love and the lure of the longing, take a glimpse at your romantic diposition... (In other words...how romantic are you...) This is my very first test, so do let me know when it isn't quite to your liking and I'll try to better it.....have fun :)
  • 1
    By way of a miracle you bump into a stranger who resembles the lover you have secretly been meeting in your dreams recently...what is your reacion? You...

  • 2
    True love.....

  • 3
    What traits should your ideal person have?

  • 4
    In the fine arts of love how would you catagorize yourself....?

  • 5
    What ignites your fire?

  • 6
    Which one of the four elements would sum up your character?

  • 7
    "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo...deny they father and refuse they name..." How would you describe the conduct of Shakespear's "Romeo and Juliet"...?

  • 8
    It's Valentines Day, you have a romantic evening planned for your significant other... roses, candles, chocolate with strawberries and cream....the works. You send him/her a text message and request that he/she should come over to your place.... He/she replies, explaining that it isn't possible since he/she has a very bad cold....What is your reaction?

  • 9
    "Love at first sight.....

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