• Disgust sensitivity is strongly correlated to a wide variety of moral and political responses. It is predictive of both political intent and voting habits as well as attitudes about homosexuality and harmless but non-traditional sexual behavior. 


    It seems likely that people with similar disgust sensitivity scores will be more compatible than people with dissimilar responses.


    This is a variant of the Disgust Scale-Revised test by Haidt, McCAuley, & Rozin, 1994; Modified by Olatunji et. al. It is comprised of 27 questions.


    If you're unfamiliar with the Disgust Scale, take the test first before reviewing the literature on how disgust sensitivity correlates with political and moral responses.


    If you're wondering whether disgustability is really correlated to politics and morals, check out David Pizarro's talk at TED East .  For more technical detail, read this entertaining paper.


    For more information about the disgust sensitivity revised questionnaire click here.