• Hello everyone on the internet. This test is a test that is a test to test how much you have managed to superpose the things that are in your head onto the world around you, so that when you look at the world it looks more like the world that makes sense to you, but maybe not like the world everyone else sees, or the world that is really there (if there is a world really there). This is definitely a test to test the things I just said.
  • Ps: I dont know anything about psychologies or tests or anything like that (although I did do some GCSE's, which were a bit like tests). Also, only some of these things happen/have happened to me, and some of them might be available for download from the internet. (the internet is a big computer that makes all the other smaller computers happy).

    pps: this test rates you in terms of Epistemology and Ontology. More epistemic means that according to my little testy test test test you have fused your mind with your perception of reality more completely.