• Hello. First of all, thanks for taking this test. You're already cool by that, alone. Secondly, I should explain what this test is all about.


    There are over 7 billion human beings on the planet. The fact of the matter is most all of them are pretty meaningless. Chances are, this includes you, too! It's just inescapable for that not to be the case when you have 7 billion of something. You could lose a million dollars, but if you still have $6.999 billion left, it's not that big of a deal. Sure, some people are more important than others, like world leaders and all, but those people are the rare exception. And most people who aren't special in the objective sense, are just taking up space. That is, unless they contribute to the greater whole. But that, also, is a fallacy of today's society.


    Much of the world is self-suffient and it'll only be more so like this as technology advances. You really only need some leaders, doctors, law enforcement, farmers, teachers, and a few laborers to sustain a society. All the rest are just fodder. Sorry to be the one to tell you human life isn't all that special when you hit the 7 billion mark. 


    So this test is here to determine, basically, if your existence matters in the world or not, on a purely objective sense, since I don't know you or anything. And this isn't some, "But I exist, so I must matter!" or "God made me, so I'm special, just like everyone else!" bullcrap, either! You're either a contributing and valuable member to society or just someone else taking up resources. This test will help figure out your mindset, values, and way of thinking to determine if you at least have the potential to be one of these people.


    But don't take this 50 question quiz too seriously, though. It's not meant to be 100% accurate. Only 89% accurate.