• I've been on OKC for quite a while now, and have taken my fair share (and then some) of compatibility tests. Most of them are painfully one-dimensional ;even when I scored well on them, I generally didn't contact the author. There's a lot more to compatibility than sexual tastes and enjoying the same movies. This test is pretty extensive, but it will really only give a pale glimmer of how truly we might be compatible. If you score well on this, we would likely make very good friends...and there might be grounds for a lot more than that.

    Answer honestly. There's no special prize for scoring extraordinarily high (aside from my enthusiasm if you contact me). Also, be advised...the answers may not indicate what you think they do. I tried to provide an objective option for each question, so that the greatest section of people could answer; but unlike some, I also tried to avoid highlighting which answer would be the best match to me. In some cases, it really doesn't matter what you answer, they're all weighted the same. If there is not an appropriate option available to a question, skip it. Let's not start getting to know each other by lying, shall we?