• Hi! And welcome to my do we match Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. this is just a bit of fun to see how well we would match! just answer the questions honestly and see for yourself! if you get higher than 90% message me! haha
  • 1
    how many times have you had sex in the last month?

  • 2
    who would i most rather have sex with?

  • 3
    how would you most like to screw me?

  • 4
    how many times do you go clubbing every month?

  • 5
    how big are you? inches

  • 6
    how open are you to trying new things sexually?

  • 7
    what would i most like to receive as a gift on a first date?

  • 8
    do you ever come to birmingham? :)

  • 9
    have you ever done anal?

  • 10
    how long on average does it take you to cum when having average sex? (mins)